Carpet Cleaning Canton Michigan

Carpet cleaning is such a pain for some people but if you ask me, it’s one thing that I love to do. With the right techniques and of course the right products, you will never complain about this task EVER again. The key to proper carpet cleaning and maintenance is PREVENTION. As long as you take good care of your carpet, you will be able to save a lot of money from having to purchase expensive cleaning products and new carpet.
If there’s a stain in your carpet don’t rub it harshly and carelessly because this can cause it to smear and may become permanent. This will also weaken the fiber of your carpet causing it to wear out quicker. Who wants to replace carpets every year?
When you are trying to remove the stain, make sure you do it correctly. Stains that are not treated well tend to reappear at the surface of your carpet. You think you already cleaned the mess but soon enough you will see that it is making its way to the surface of your carpet or rug again. You can prevent this by covering the stain with a thick cloth and weigh down with something heavy for a couple of hours or better yet overnight. This will allow the cloth to absorb the stain.
It’s always better to clean the stain when it’s fresh. You can use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stain quickly. Apply it by pouring some onto a clean towel or other cloth. You can also use paper towels for this task. Make sure you use white. Just blot it until as much stain is removed. Don’t spread the stain by blotting in different directions.
With or without soil or stains on your carpet, it is very important to vacuum frequently and thoroughly. Keep in mind that carpets wear out mostly because of dirt. Oily soils attract more oily soil so frequent vacuuming is a must if you want to keep your carpet at its tiptop condition.
What about periodic deep cleaning? Steam cleaning is one effective way in deep cleaning your carpet. You can do this as often as needed especially if you have pets inside the house. You can either hire a professional to do it for you or you can just buy your own deep cleaning machine. Deep cleaning should be done AT LEAST every six months to a year.

I hate it when I come in a house and pet odor greets my fussy nose. You may not smell it because you are already used to it but your guests can, trust me! If you don’t want your furry friend to spend lonely nights outside your house then you better learn how to remove pet odor. Since dogs and cats spend a lot of time laying and rolling on the floor, their body odors pervade into the fibers and that’s where the whole problem starts. Not to mention the smell of pet accidents!
Speaking of pet accidents, obviously the very first thing that you have to do is to deal with it immediately. If your dog has urinated on your carpet, pat the area dry as soon as you can. The faster the urine is removed, the less damage it will create for your carpet. Pile on paper towels and then stand on them for about a minute or so, make sure to get as much off the carpet as possible.
If you have a carpet cleaner or stain removal liquid go ahead and use that to remove discoloration. Cleaning supplies that are intended for pet odor removal are recommended for this job since they will have less of a chemical smell like ammonia. Ammonia plus urine doesn’t smell good I’m telling you! Also, the smell of ammonia will keep attracting your pet to keep using the same spot.
What about solid waste?  Just picking up the solid waste and swiping at the stain isn’t enough. Give the soiled area a good cleaning. Vinegar works great for this task, it also acts as a deodorizer because of its odor eliminating and anti-bacterial properties. You can also use a mild dish soap to remove the stain and freshen up the area. Once you are done removing the stain completely, rinse it by blotting with a damp white rag or paper towel.
For thorough cleaning, you can use a wet vacuum or Bissel. These special vacuums work like traditional ones except they use clean water to get rid of the stains and then the dirty water is sucked back up into a reserve bucket.
Lastly, use a neutralizing or pet odor eliminating spray to keep things fresh in between vacuuming or cleaning. You can also try sprinkling pet odor carpet powder before vacuuming to remove unwanted odors. I’ve tried it and the carpet is really odor-free within minutes!

We all want fresh-smelling and clean carpet all the time, I mean who doesn’t? I can never imagine myself living in a house with soiled carpets! You may ask- what is the best method to clean carpets? I cannot tell you a specific method that works for every carpet because it would have to depend on the following things:
– What your carpet is made of (this, I think is the most important factor to consider)
– Whether or not your carpet has been treated for stain resistance
– Amount of traffic on the carpet
– Where the carpet is
– Drying time
– Whether or not somebody in the home has allergies to certain cleaning products
Here are the most popular methods in carpet cleaning:
Steam Cleaning
Also known as “Water Extraction”, a hot water cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet by using a high-pressure jet spray. A wet vacuum will then be used to suck up the solution, water and dirt. This is the most common method used in professional cleaning services. This procedure involves a number of stages including a thorough pre-vacuum so dry soils can be removed from the carpet before they are wet and turn to mud, treating spots and stains, pre-spraying with a cleaning solution, stirring of the solution into the carpet pile, hot water extraction and application of deodorizer.
Dry Method
Some people swear by this method because there is no drying time or whatsoever. It actually involves a three-part procedure: solvent sprinkling on the carpet, going over the carpet using a special buffer with two rotating heads and vacuuming. As you vacuum, all the powder and accumulated dirt will be removed.
This method is really simple- a cleaning solution is shampooed onto the carpet with a circular brush. The rotating action of the brush creates foam which traps the soil and is then removed as the foam is vacuumed away.
Bonnet Cleaning
The bonnet (spin pad) should be placed at the base of your buffer and then you have to dip it into a shampoo solution. Go over the carpet just as if you are buffing your floor. Continue doing this until you remove the dirt from the carpet. Finish off by vacuuming the carpet once it is dry.
Foam Cleaning
The machine used in this method generates the foam. You use a brush to agitate the foam on the carpet and an extraction vacuum will then be used to pick up the foam and the trapped soil and dirt.

Carpets are great additions to your interior decoration as long as they match the color of your walls and floors and the design of your furniture. Designers in the United States are imitating their European counterparts these days when it comes to interior designing. They use the method known as “bottom-up”. The floor is used as the foundation of a room’s attitude. Before choosing which carpet to buy, it is important to determine how much space is available and the foot traffic involved. You must also consider the functionality of each room in the house, whether or not a particular room would be housing children and pets or if the room would be used to entertain guests with food and drinks.

If you worry about stains in your carpeting, choose a product that is stain resistant. For durability, the best type of carpet to pick is nylon. If you want a carpet that generates less electricity, choose acrylic and olefin. Dyed carpets are the best when it comes to resisting the sun. They would not fade easily. If you have someone at home with impaired movement, try using low-pile carpets. Whatever style you decide on, match the performance of the carpet with the space requisites.

Now that you have your carpet, you must take care of it if you want it to last. Carpets easily accumulate dirt. Hence, there is a need to perform vacuuming. Use a vacuum that has stable beater bars and with good suction. To effectively remove dirt from the carpet you are vacuuming, make sure to replace vacuum bags and filters regularly.

If you have a carpet of lighter shade, you may need to clean it more often. If there is a stain in your carpet, clean it immediately. You can use a spoon or a dull knife to gently scrape off food spills. If the spill is liquid, dab it with white cloth towels or white paper. They absorb the spill quickly. Remember not to scrub or scrape, just dab the liquid spill. If you do scrub it, it would have a fuzzy effect on your carpeting. There is also a technique in blotting or dabbing. When you try blotting the moisture, start from the outer edge toward the center to avoid spreading the spill. Later, you may wash the stain using water and the appropriate cleaning items. Again, use white towels over the wet spots to absorb the remaining wetness. You can use a heavy object to weigh down the white towels and make it absorb the moisture faster.

To summarize, what you need to clean spills are the following: white paper towels or white cloths and a detergent solution that is a mixture of a mild liquid soap and water. You may add a non-bleach dish-washing detergent. You will also need a vinegar solution, with one part white vinegar to one part water and an ammonia solution, which is composed of one tablespoon ammonia to one cup of water. Please do not use this solution on wool or wool-blend carpets. You will also need a non-oily nail polish remover, chewing gum remover and spot remover. Now, you should be ready to stop any accidental spills from completely destroying your carpet.

Anytime it comes to upholstery cleaning in Canton Michigan, you will have to know a little T.A.C.T. Just what is TACT?

Picture in your mind’s eye a pie. This specific pie comes with 4 slices. Different from the normal pies, this particular one only has the 4 elements: Temperature, Agitation, Chemical and Time. The acronym TACT comes into play here. The unique matter with this pie is just how dynamic and universal it is. Learning the function of the pie will instantly help any kind of cleaning task you can think of whether it is as easy as washing your vehicle or cleaning your home’s furniture.

Temperature is the most dynamic of all, I feel. It’s a scientific fact that cleaning solutions (soap and water as an example) work at 100 % using a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Any cooler needs even more of the three remaining ingredients in variation: agitation, chemical and time. By just raising the temperature just eighteen degrees Fahrenheit you’ve just DOUBLED the effectiveness of the same cleaning procedure. Which means at 136 degrees Fahrenheit, you have cut in half the remaining 3 ingredients: agitation, chemical and time.

On the other hand hold on this becomes better yet! Increase the heat once again yet another eighteen degrees Fahrenheit to 154 degrees and you will have just DOUBLED the cleaning solution AGAIN, thereby dropping the remaining ingredients by 50 percent: agitation, chemical and time. How many more times before the temperature gets to a boiling point can the upholstery cleaning capability double? Does the term ‘steam cleaning’ spring to mind?

Agitation is the next ingredient and the one I most dislike. You’ll know it as scrubbing, scouring, scraping, etcetera. If you’ve got fewer ingredients of temperature and chemical, there is no doubt that agitation and time are the more substantial slices. If you perform agitation poorly, your greatest slice of pie is time.

Chemical is another dynamic ingredient. There are plenty of upholstery cleaning chemicals on the market available in Canton Mi to lots of different cleaning tasks. Included in this are several classifications for instance organic and natural as opposed to synthetic.

You will also find considerations of pH (pHydrion Value) factors. They determine the level of alkalinity or acidic values whereby water on it’s own is regarded as neutral.

They continue being categorized as volatile (bleaching) and non-volatile. They may have solvents (oil based) or non-solvents such as unscented mineral spirits also employed in dry cleaning (using no water).

They can also be categorized by an electrical component. These being Cationic (Positive charged ions), Anionic (Negatively charged ions) and nonionic (neutral or no electrically charged ions).

Many chemicals contain ‘surfactants’ which is a name given to agents in a chemical to aid in making water ‘wetter’ by means of removing hard water mineral deposits thus softening the water.

Several chemicals even display an EPA registration number and Federal Law Prohibits using the solution in any matter except for the prescribed use listed.

It’s most important to make certain proper measuring and mixing of chemicals, also referred to as a cleaning solution, be met and to test in an hidden section of the cleaning project or unfavorable results could occur.

The final ingredient is time. The aim in every cleaning project is to minimize time performing it. If you know the correct use of temperature, agitation techniques and chemicals for a given upholstery cleaning task, you will clean safely and effectively in a minimal time period. The cleaning job will be like a breeze. On the other hand, when you violate any one of the three primary ingredients you will then be served a big slice of the last key ingredient known as ‘time pie.’

So in conclusion, now you can appreciate the genuine genius your Mother was for getting you to wash up for dinner. She did not have to know why it works; just that it does work.

Now armed with the knowledge of the TACT cleaning pie chart you’re able to improve your success in ANY cleaning task at your home.

You now have more knowledge about the principles of cleaning concept than a good number of professional upholstery cleaners in Canton Michigan. It’ll likewise aid you in choosing the right approach to cleaning your carpets and upholstery. This knowledge likewise helps you when selecting which business is the most knowledgeable and has the credentials to back up their service performance claims. Best of all, knowing the TACT pie chart can make virtually any cleaning job, well, sweet as pie!